Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chinoiserie Pumpkins

I am loving these Chinoiserie pumpkins.  They are faux but you can decorate around these - use your imagination.   See the Etsy site here.

Here are a few other really cute items from this site.  I am doing some serious holiday shopping here:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Penny Chenery Passes Away

The beloved Penny Chenery passed away, who is known to many as the lady behind Secretariat.  Secretariat was born at her father's Meadow Stud in Virginia and it was Penny who kept the stable going after her father passed away in 1973.  What a force she was and her accomplishments are too many to mention here. There is a nice overview of her life here.

In lieu of flowers, the Secretariat Foundation is offering special Penny Chenery Memorial fundraising projects on behalf of selected equine-related charities. For details, visit

Not Turning Down Navy

Navy is my new neutral this fall.  I have not worn a lot of navy blue in recent years but for some reason this season all signs in my wardrobe updates point to navy.  It started with a navy bag that I bought at the end of the season at Tory Burch and once I had that in place, I quit turning up my nose to navy.

Then I found this really cute dress at a local store, at a great price point, but it was navy! This dress is so cute in person.

But I needed shoes as my only navy shoes for fall and winter are my Tory Burch flats.  These are the right heel height.

And of course, I needed a coat!  The coat fetish continues unabated! So I ordered this in navy!

And I love this skirt which is getting good reviews right now.

And then I found this cute sweater which of course comes in navy!

What's not to love about navy?

All Things Italian

My first trip to Europe many years ago was to Northern Italy and I've been in love with the country ever since - the fashion, the food, the views, the landscape - I must have been Italian in an earlier life.  I was reminded how much I love the place when I was in New York for the US Open and went to Eataly, again.  And I am always reminded how much I adore Italian fashion when I see anything made by Armani.  My first Armani purchase was made way back when and I still have that suit and it still fits!  I also bought Valentino that trip and I still own that skirt (and it still fits). What's not to love about the simplicity and style of this sweater?

The Italians, unlike Americans, live simplistically.  They value tradition, style and less is definitely more.  They don't overindulge like we do in America and the Italian women definitely take care of themselves (like the French).  And the wine!  The Grappa!

When I made my first visit, I stayed for two weeks in Bassano del Grappa, not far from Venice.  Every morning we'd go down to the village and buy fresh pasta and fresh cannoli.  


I recently bought two books and one of my fall resolutions is to cook and eat Italian - good Italian.

You can shop Italian on-line.  It's not perfect but at least those ingredients that you want that you can't buy at Wal-Mart or Food Lion are available somewhere.  Shop here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Leopard is a Neutral

I have always loved animal prints - for clothes, for rugs, wallpaper, fabric - and love that leopard is so "in" for fall.  Leopard coats, mules, shoes - they are everywhere.

I love these mules from Kate Spade.

If you are petite, then you may be able to wear this cute coat from The Gap.  I buy children's running shorts and tops.  This is very reasonable too.  See it here.

H & M has a cute jacquard leopard coat which will work well for those in warmer climates.

This is a nice one from Nordstrom.

Another pair of cute mules:

And if you only want a sliver of leopard, try these also from Kate Spade:

Bring out your inner leopard this fall!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Velvet Revolution

Velvet is everywhere for fall.  It was big in the 70's and now it's back again and I am loving it.  You can dress it up or down and it's easy to take care of with today's fabrics.

This cute top from Banana Republic will look good with jeans or dressier pants. 

Love these velvet mules too!

You can never miss with Gucci loafers, even in velvet.

This cute bomber jacket adds a bit of fluff to ordinary jeans and t-shirt:

This velvet pull-on skirt is great for those days where you don't want to get out of bed and get dressed and go to work but you have no options.

More velvet mules.  They are everywhere.....

Happy Tuesday!
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