Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marina Rust's Charlottesville, Virginia Home

Marina Rust’s 1816 Georgian brick home in Charlottesville, Virginia is profiled in August Vogue and it’s lovely. The charming guest house above was once the summer kitchen—perfection.
Photography by Roberto Gigli

When can I move in?

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Twelve Patterns of the Southern Silver Zodiac

Us Southerners know how attached families are to their "silver."  Nothing could be funnier than the "Twelve Patterns of the Southern Silver Zodiac" as outlined in A Southern Bell Primer: Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma. Or you might read the newest version, Why Paris Hilton Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma.  And no, I am not making this up. To quote the author,
“Some people are born with silver spoons – Southern belles are born with silver patterns.”

 1. Francis I Reed and Barton   The Belle who chooses Francis I is a girl who wants it all. There are twenty-eight pieces of fruit just on the knife handle. It’s showy and opulent and so is she. A Francis I girl is likely to want a husband, children, a place on the board of the Junior League, and a full-time career. There is no end to what she can buy in the Francis I pattern. It comes with pickle forks, tomato forks, shrimp forks, lobster forks, grapefruit spoons, dessert spoons, ice cream spoons, even half olive spoons. Francis I girls are always compatible with mothers-in-law who have Grand Baroque or Burgundy. Their styles are similar.

2. Grand Baroque Wallace International    This is Francis I with roses instead of fruit. Grand Baroque girls also have a sense of the dramatic. But they often also have a literary bent. That’s why you can buy a sterling silver bookmark in the Grand Baroque pattern. Grand Baroque girls often date boys whose families have the Acorn pattern. But they don’t marry them. It’s just a youthful rebellion.

3. Burgundy Reed and Barton   This is Francis I without the fruit. Burgundy girls tend to be somewhat shy. They have dreams of being splashy, but they just can’t let go. Louisiana girls love Burgundy. It shows up on a lot of tables during Mardi Gras. They do well with friends who have Buttercup. They are not made to feel too competitive.

4. Rose Point Wallace International   Old-fashioned girls pick this pattern. It’s very popular with girls named Rose. Sentimental mothers who have chosen patterns like Old Master and Eloquence sometimes name their daughters Rose just so they can have a legacy all their own.

5.  Buttercup Gorham   Belles who choose Buttercup are always cheerful. They even choose the pattern because it’s so uplifting. Buttercup girls have friends with every kind of pattern. They are usually followers rather than leaders, but they are just so upbeat it really doesn’t matter.

6. Chantilly Gorham  Belles with Chantilly tend to be a bit prissy. They do best with men whose mothers also have Chantilly.  Never put a Chantilly girl with a man whose mother has Francis I or Grand Baroque. They will always be upstaged. Don’t let all that sweetness fool you. Chantilly girls were often fast in high school.

7.  Strasbourg Gorham  Strasbourg girls are traditionalists and just a bit formal. As good Southern girls, they are entranced with anything that’s festive and use their good silver almost all the time. Southern men love girls who pick Strasbourg because when Strasbourg girls bring out the good silver, they also bring out the good food. They don’t mix well with boys whose mothers have Buttercup. They will both always fight for control.

8.  Acorn  Georg Jensen   Beware of the Acorn girl. This pattern is lovely but foreign (it comes from Denmark). Girls who pick Acorn are rebellious. They march in parades and sometimes have been known to go to colleges in the East and drink beer straight from the can.

9. Old Master Towle  Old Master girls have spirit but don’t drift too far from tradition. Because of this they are fiercely attached to their family heirlooms. One Texas Belle got thirty place settings of her groom’s grandmother’s Old Master as a wedding gift. When she got a divorce, she took her husband to court over the Old Master and let him keep the Cadillac without a whimper.

10. Eloquence Lunt  Eloquence girls like nice things. They expect their husbands to provide. They are extremely loyal whether it’s a boyfriend, a best friend, or a pet. Because of this they get along well with more flighty girls who have Francis I or Grand Baroque.

11. Chrysanthemum  Tiffany  These girls have been known to turn up their noses at Francis I girls. They are just as flamboyant and just as demanding. They also usually have a lot more money to spend. Their husbands have to be good providers because they also insist on Tiffany crystal and Tiffany china. This is a relatively new pattern compared to some of the others. Girls with Chrysanthemum sometimes go really wild and live in avant-garde homes. But don’t worry, they still cut the crusts off their tea sandwiches and their daughters always get good recommendations to Kappa, Theta and Pi Phi.

12. Repousse  Kirk  Repousse is one of the oldest silver patterns. These girls often have mothers and grandmothers who also have this pattern. One Charleston woman explains every woman in her family for three generations chose this pattern. Then her son married a woman who didn’t even have a silver pattern. (uh oh) The mother-in-law insisted she pick something out and had relatives fill in the place settings. When the new bride completely bypassed Repousse by calling it “too fussy”, the mother-in-law knew the marriage wouldn’t last. And it didn’t.

The reality is that there is some truth in all this. This is great fun, and I cannot wait to share with my sisters, who are more attached to their silver than I am to mine.  And mine is Chantilly.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beauty Bar

A beauty regimine is a personal choice, but I am always on the lookout for a new products to try as I mix and match the products I use, not aligning to just one "line" of cosmetics or skin care.  And because I don't go to an office every day, putting on make-up daily is not something I typically do.  But here are some of the product lines I am loving right now.......

Kate Somerville
I have tried some of Kate's products and they generally receive good reviews.  This "2 Minute Facial" would fit in well with my lifestyle. I'd love a facial but where would I find the time?

I have used the Gentle Daily Wash and like it a lot.

Erno Lazlo
I have been a fan of Erno Lazlo for years and know many people who use their line of skin care. The line is not inexpensive but their followers are cult-like and include many famous actresses.

“I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo,” - Audrey Hepburn

Other well-known clientele include Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, and Jackie Kennedy. You have to "clock" your skin to understand which products you will use. You can do that here.

NARS is one of my favorite make-up brands. I love their blush, their lipstick, foundation and eye shadows.
Christian Dior
I'm also a fan of Christian Dior cosmetics, especially their mascara.

Kevin Aucoin
I discovered Kevin Aucoin last year when I was in New York.  I love this line. The masara is wonderful!

Sachajaun Hair Products
This is on my "to try" list.

What's in your beauty bar?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Dog Days of August

It's still July, but I always look forward to the month of August.  Summer is my favorite season and August epitomizes all that is summer to me. Why, might you ask?  Well.......in August.....

The US Hardcourt Tennis Season is Full Swing
I love to watch tennis and the US has several high quality tournaments that lead up to the US Open in New York.  There are tournaments in Washington, in North Carolina, Atlanta and Cincinnati just to mention a few. If you happen to live near these cities, it's a great way to see top players very close up, at a reasonable price. And then there's nothing like the US Open.  Cannot wait to go in September.

The Lilly Calendars Come Out
Need I say more?

The Fall Clothes Start Appearing 
It's fun to shop for winter when it's 90 degrees outside.  I love fall clothes and can't wait to start seeing what the new styles look like.

This is high on my bucket list, maybe in 2018 we'll make the trek to Saratoga in August.  I want to see The Travers in person and just everything I have read about this place, well, I know I will love it.

Trips to Bath County
When the temperatures rise, we escape to Bath County here in Virginia where the air is cool(er) and the scenary perfect for a hot summer weekend.

Summer Patio Dinners
I'm not an air conditioner lover, so I bear the heat and humidity and dine outside even in late summer. 

Enjoy this time of year!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Net-a-Porter Sale Dress Picks

You can't go wrong with a great dress, no matter what the occasion.  I love wearing dresses and like finding good quality dresses, on sale, buying styles that will last many years and span multiple seasons.  Net-a-Porter has great sales and right now their clothes are marked way down, some have an extra 20 percent off, so you can buy some top designer names for a reasonable price. Here are some of my picks.....

1) Emilia Wickstead Dress
This brand is frequently worn by The Duchess of Cambridge.  Love the color and the style.  It's 30 percent off.

2) Pucci Dress
I love Pucci prints.  This dress is now 70 percent off.

3) Preen Dress
I adore this dress and wish it was still available in my size.  This could do black tie or cocktails. And it's 70 percent off.

4) Needle and Thread Dress
I also adore this dress.  It's 60 percent off.

5) Cotton Day Dress
This dress is so versatile.  It's 50 percent off.

6) RedValentino Black Dress
I almost pulled the trigger on this dress.  It's a light wool crepe and can go formal or informal and it's an extra 20 percent off the 50 percent off price.

7) Temperley London Dress
This looks like something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear.  

8) Roland Mouret Black Dress
If you have the figure to pull this off, then I say go for it.  Lovely!

9) Roland Mouret Wool Crepe Dress
Another dress that can go anywhere.

10) Oscar de la Renta Dress
I'll swoon over this all day long. Love this dress.  It's Oscar!  

Find a reason to go out and dress up!  Have a great Friday!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fish Hippie

I just returned from a mini-vacation in one of my favorite spots on the planet - my family's beach house in North Carolina.  While I was there I met a lady whose daughter is associated with the brand Fish Hippie.  The brand has an interesting story but the company is based in North Carolina near the place where I once lived.  Their clothes are made for men with some boys' stuff but the accessories like the hats, visors, coolers, can be used by all of us.  I am not a fisherman but I do love the label and their tag line, "drift off course" is spot on.  Many of the photos in their ads were taken in North Carolina. 

The clothes are a bit expensive but the quality is very good.  They try to make their stuff in the US (hence the higher price point) and they even have a wine label.  Their t-shirts are super soft.

You can shop the brand here.  Some of the men in my life will be seeing the Fish Hippie logo for sure.  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Local Virginia Artists

About a month ago, we had a small festival in the tiny village near the farm.  Two very talented artists displayed their work and I took a number of photos to share.  Their work is very reasonably priced and I was tempted to do a lot of Christmas shopping that day.  We have so many cows around here and landscapes that it's a treasure trove for anyone who can paint.  I took photos of their business cards. They will ship.  Enjoy!

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